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This is a powerful poem of truth that was my lifeline throughout high school. The poem explains that no one is an accident and that there is always a meaning behind everything that happens in life. At

Back to School Success

It’s that time of year again. End of summer and beginning of a new school year. For many student and parents the beginning of a new school year brings overwhelming stress and anxiety especially if you are

21 Ways to Comfort a Friend in Crisis

Do you ever feel lost for words when a loved one is going through a difficult situation. Sometimes there is nothing that can make you feel more powerless than not knowing how to comfort a loved one who

Malaysia Airlines Jet Crashes

Deepest condolences. May the victims rest in peace. Our hearts and prayers goes to the families of the passengers and crew of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17. Events like this makes you realize how precious life is

15 Life Truths To Live By

I am a huge pinterest addict; for those of you who doesn’t know what pinterest is, it is an online community where you can post pictures of almost anything that you are interested in. My all time

How to Deal with Feelings of Loneliness

Let’s be honest, at least once in a while we all feel lonely. This can be due to not receiving the attention we want from our romantic partner or feeling unwanted by family members and friends. Loneliness

Pay It Forward

A couple days ago I was watching a rerun episode of Rachael Ray show and the segment that I came across talked about paying it forward. The guest on this segment was an inspiring waitress Shannon Leavitt who

Forgiveness: The Power of Letting Go

Just the other day I watched Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness on the Hallmark Movie Channel. That’s right I had an all-day Hallmark binge fest and I loved every second of it. Here’s a synopsis of the

Post Grad Blues

Congratulations to the Class of 2014, y’all made it. All of the countless all-nighters and endless coffee trips have finally paid off. For some the fears of uncertainty are starting to rear its ugly head and for